The Company resources

The plant is located in Shymkent city in the area of 17 hectares. It includes all sites required for operation of primary and auxiliary process units as well as reserved areas for future expansion of the capacities. The site is equipped with all necessary transportation and power supply Utilities, own boiler house and water well.

In-house technologies

Research laboratory is equipped with all required state-of-art testing facilities and in own right is considered the best in Kazakhstan. Today the plant is a leader among local pharmaceutical producers. Our company is producing not only for internal market but also is exporting its products to far-and-near broad countries. The company produces nearly a half of pharm products volume in Kazakhstan.

The Company portfolio comprehends more than 260 items of generic and innovator drugs from 12 pharmacological categories available in capsules, tablets, solutions for injections in ampoules, syrups, liquids, ointments, water and alcohol solutions.

Full production cycle is accompanied with automated testing and certification microbiological purity system. Quality of finished products is controlled by in-house laboratory which applies contemporary advanced analytical techniques.

The company due to the following principle approaches assures high quality of products:

  • Highly-qualified and responsible personnel;
  • Qualified and validated production processes;
  • state-of-the-art advanced equipment of European manufacturers made by IMA, Marcesini (Italy), Telstar (Spain), Bosch (Germany), Romelag (Switzerland) etc;
  • strict quality control at all production stages in conformity with international standards;
  • Use of medicinal substances from European suppliers;

Generics produced by the Company are totally comparable in composition and action with their innovator drugs. SANTO products compared with medicinal products newly appearing at the market have advantages on the degree of knowledge of clinic and laboratory parameters.

Technologically advanced analytical methods enable to eliminate any tiniest deviations in composition and therapeutic properties that might occur between products and their innovator drugs.

Finished products yields are steady and strongly increased.  Every year portfolio is enlarged due to new preparations of wide range and directed actions. New technologies are adopted, new productions are started and infrastructure is updated. All these enable us to develop and produce safety and effective high quality drugs at affordable prices improving quality of life helping people to be healthy in order they could feel better, do more and live longer.

State license №6591163DX from 05.09.2014, general, issued: Department of Health of SKO, Akimat of SKO.