About us

Chimpharm JSC with Santo Member of Polpharma Group trademark is a leader among the Kazakhstani manufacturers of medicines and part of the international pharmaceutical group operating at the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus. The Company's pharmaceutical plant history has more than 135 years.


SANTO cares about the product quality at each stage of development, manufacture, storage, distribution and sale. We was the first in the history of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, who have passed two independent certification for compliance with international and Kazakhstan quality standards of series ISO 9001:2000.

Since 2008, Kazakhstan has begun the transition to international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The Company was one of the first domestic manufacturers, which actively started to introduce this standard. Convincing evidence of the transition from product quality control system to production quality assurance system under international standards GMP is available GMP certificates for the production lines of injection solutions with respect to the shop for production of injection solutions and infusions, as well as for the production lines of infusion solutions and production site for aseptic filling of antibiotic powders.


Polpharma is an international pharmaceutical company and a leader in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The Company is an employer for approximately 7.500 people in Poland and at the international markets.


Pharmaceutical Works Polpharma SAwith three branches are industrial enterprises in Duchnice and Nowa Deba, as well as biotechnological center in Starogard Gdanski

Polpharma Trading Office located in Warsaw

Medana Pharma SA with industrial enterprise in Sieradz

Polfa Warszawa SA with industrial enterprise in Warsaw

Akrikhin is the Russian leading pharmaceutical company in Staraya Kupavna

Chimpharm JSC with Santo Member of Polpharma Group Trademark is a leading pharmaceutical company in Kazakhstan with a plant in Shymkent

Farmaprojects is the Spanish license sale company, a strategic partner in the field of B2B.